INRAE Sunflower Bioinformatics Resources


XRQr2.0 Genome Portal

Assembly of the XRQ genome from PacBio data 2018
PSC8 Genome

Assembly and annotation of the PSC8 genome from PacBio data (2018)
IR Genome

HanIRr1.0-20201123 Genome Portal
RHA438 Genome

HanRHA438r1.0-20201123 Genome Portal
CI Genome

HannCIr1.0-20220819 Genome Portal
ICSG Repository

International Consortium of Sunflower Genomics Ressources
O. cumana Genome Portal

Assembly of O. cumana genome from PacBio data (2019)



Sunflower expression atlas
XRQ Transcriptome portal HaT13l

Assembly of the XRQ transcriptome from different organs (2012) (eFP browser)